10 Menswear Icons Who Will Never Go Out Of Style

Earlier this year, I compiled a list of the 50 best dressed men over 50. These were men who have cultivated a signature look for decades, not men whose claim to style fame owes to some stylist who is adept at dressing them for red carpets. These are men who look great whether they’re at a blockbuster premiere or out running errands; men who know the importance of good tailoring and of dressing to accentuate their own attitudes and personas. But there were some men who felt like glaring absences from that list, who defined what it meant to be well dressed their entire lives but are no longer with us. Men like Paul Newman and Gregory Peck. Some are close to my heart — like Jimmy Stewart and Peter O’Toole, who were among my first crushes (when I told my therapist this she laughed for three whole minutes). There are others whom we lost too soon, like Prince and Anthony Bourdain. Some of them are obvious style icons (Peck), while others were more quietly stylish their whole lives, like Ed Bradley. All of them are owed a debt of gratitude by every single stylish man today. Read more at InsideHook.