15 Podcasts For Fans Of Men’s Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

There aren’t a ton of fashion podcasts out there. There are nowhere near as many about style and the culture that surrounds it as there are about crime or politics. And while, sure, those are nice for escaping or doing the exact opposite (staying informed), sometimes podcasts with more niche focuses prove more entertaining, with their innate ability to change the way you look at that jacket you own, which was probably made overseas, or teach you how COVID is changing the way e-commerce works.

On the contrary, some of these podcasts only briefly mention fashion, and focus — using that term loosely as a lot of these favor stream of consciousness over structure — on culture at large. But that makes them, by definition, appealing to more people. Surely you’ll find one that piques your interest — especially if you’re a fan of men’s style. Read more at Gear Patrol.