by Stephen Garner

Will Americans make it out on New Year’s Eve this year? With 59 percent of Americans planning to watch the ball drop from the comfort of their home, it seems like a majority of Americans plan to stay in. This comes from a new survey from cash back shopping service Ebates.

More than half of Americans plan to spend money on New Year’s Eve (56 percent), and the majority are planning to blow their budget on party supplies (23 percent), including decorations, food, and drinks. This is followed by an outfit (17 percent); getting ready for a party or traveling to a party (14 percent); tickets to a New Year’s event (10 percent); and a babysitter (4 percent).

While most Americans are planning to stay in for New Year’s Eve, Millennials are going out! More than half (57 percent) plan to attend a New Year’s Eve bash, while 43 percent plan to stay in or host their own party. When it comes to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, though, most are not planning to leave the house (58 percent of Gen Xers and 78 percent of Baby Boomers).

For the almost 20 percent of Americans who will spend money on an outfit, most will spend between $75 and $100 (15 percent). One in ten will spend more than $100, and another 10 percent will spend between $25 and $50.

“Our research shows that Americans are planning to save money and pay off their debt in the New Year,” said Amit Patel, CEO of Ebates. “As one of the pioneers and leaders in cash back shopping, Ebates makes it easy to shop and save money. With Ebates, consumers can purchase both essentials and non-essentials without blowing their budgets.”

The national survey, conducted online by Propeller Insights on behalf of Ebates in October 2017, was fielded among 1,034 adults and 507 teens.