2009 Killed Fashion As We Knew It

by MR Magazine Staff

This week, we’re looking back to the year 2009 in fashion and the culture of fashion, a time that feels, in hindsight, painfully naive — really, almost sweet. Sure, there was a recession, with real anxiety and even realer layoffs at all the major magazines. But the near future was so unknowable as to feel absurd now. Fears about bloggers and front rows now look like the calm before the digital storm. This was before Instagram, before influencers, and for all intents and purposes, before much thought in fashion went into diversity or inclusivity (the famous black issue of Vogue Italia had come out the summer before). If anyone discussed “direct to consumer” shopping, it wasn’t with the consumer, or at least not this one. All of this was a nascent dream then. But it’s the disrupted then, which has brought us to the disrupted now. Read more at The Cut.