3 Quick Questions: Michael Fisher, Fashion Snoops

by Elise Diamantini

Getting the scoop from the Snoops

As the new menswear director for global trend research and advisory group Fashion Snoops, Michael Fisher is scouring the market for spring 2013 must-haves and forecasting what’s up next for fall 2013.

What are the big ideas for spring 2013?
The most influential message is the continuing importance of activewear into unexpected classifications like tailored clothing and woven shirts. We call the trend “Athleisure.” The subtle technical approach comes alive in interesting fabric combinations, pieced construction (knit and woven piecing is huge), and lightweight layers that mimic the sportif lifestyle. We were also happy to see print and pattern becoming even more important in menswear. From allover conversations to ethnic motifs on pockets, the burst of color is one that’s sure to translate well at retail.


Finally, a trend we call “New Ivy” revolves around the continual updating for collegiate classics. It’s not like the preppy of before—it has an edge, a bit of an irreverent attitude inspired by [The Catcher in Rye’s] Holden Caulfield. Quirky motifs, a bold dose of color, slimmer silhouettes and of course, tons of novel design details like pattern along a shirt placket, repp stripes under a collar, and shirting fabrics used in unexpected ways like jacket linings.

“New Ivy”

What are key trends, items and/or brands retailers should stock for spring?
In conjunction with the big trends, we’re placing a lot of importance on tailored jackets. They’ve become the seasonless, wear-for-any-occasion item. Updated fits, unconstructed bodies in a plethora of fabrics make it key for spring. The double-breasted jacket remains important, finding its way outside of the traditional market. Also, lightweight sweaters and jackets that double as outerwear look new and add an interesting dimension to seasonal layering. Retailers should keep an eye out for those active-inspired brands like Monitaly and Riviera Club—these brands perfectly illustrate how today’s contemporary man wants to dress.

Looking ahead: what are you forecasting for fall 2013?
After a few seasons of techno influence and sporty attitude, we’re forecasting a lush, slightly darker edge for fall ’13. The technical aspect will be present in the form of flat-quilted surfaces, plenty of luster and pieced construction, but it will come alive in a surreal, cyber-punk kind of way. Things like masked balls, artists like Salvador Dali, and the genius who is David Lynch will inspire a season full of juxtapositions and surprises. On the flip side, the ethnic country influence of last year will move forward in a very British-centric way. With the Olympics spotlighting the UK, I would certainly forecast country estate influences, tartan plaids, tweeds, equestrian details and plenty of quirky style mixes like punk meets mod.