6 Stylish Guys on When Wearing a Tie Is Still Worth It

Yet again, rumors of the suit’s demise have proved to be greatly exaggerated. If anything, the two-piece is enjoying a rebound; it’s the uniform’s traditional accoutrement, the tie, that’s no longer as ubiquitous as it once was. Firms such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, bastions of the suited-and-booted dress code, did away with neckwear requirements even before the pandemic’s onset, and at the most recent Group of Seven summit, all of the allied world leaders went tieless—a first in the forum’s nearly 50 years. Benjamin Vago, a commercial-real-estate broker in New York City, wore a tie to the office four times a week pre-pandemic—now he sports one only for certain client-facing meetings. “Lately, a tie feels like overkill,” he says, while admitting that he misses it as part of his daily uniform. Which raises the question: How, and when, should one wear a tie in a post-tie society? Read more at Robb Report.