by Brian Lipton

Retailers are always talking about the need to give men something different to buy – an idea that extends (or should extend) beyond apparel to accessories, gadgets and other goodies. On my recent travels, ranging from the NY Now show to Project and Coterie, I spotted an array of unusual items that would make wonderful additions to any specialty store. Better yet, most are available for immediate delivery, so they can be quickly added to any retailer’s Father’s Day offerings.


This made-in-the USA belt, which will put a spring in your proverbial step, is available in a cream-colored cotton interwoven with Beltology’s signature flex, and features tan leather trim and tip (all in Italian leather) and a steel brushed buckle. ($85 MSRP. www.beltology.com)


What guy wouldn’t want to have his favorite tunes literally handy at all in times – in his car, on a walk, wherever life takes him? This portable Bluetooth speaker by Capture Flow comes in a variety of colorful leather cases and produces a mighty sound that belies its diminutive size. Plus if you have an important conference call, The Mighty Sound has a built-in microphone for business on the go. (MSRP $70. www.captureflow.com)


Whether your client is a yoga enthusiast, a marathon runner, or just loves to hit the gym, he probably does everything in his power to stay healthy! This new product from Gem Water, smartly called “Fitness,” features a reusable water bottle filled with a special crystal that is a blend of red jasper, magnesite and clear quartz: a powerful stone helps with energy level, circulation and oxygen supply to the blood, as well as promotes physical endurance and distributes energy throughout the body. (MSRP $98. www.gem-water.com)


In business for close to 500 years, Inden produces some of the most beautiful small leather goods (primarily for women) in the marketplace. Unsurprisingly, their “Studs” pattern of accessories have proven quite popular with men, who appreciate the quality and durability of the deer leather being used and the lacquer finish which makes every piece look more glossy over time. We can imagine few better ways to make a first impression than using this stunning business card holder. (MSRP $92.50. www.inden-catalog.com)


There are many ways for a man to carry his keys around, but we’ve discovered Orbitkey has some distinct advantages over other methods. It uses a beautiful, slim leather strap (that comes in a wide variety of colors) that can accommodate a stack of up to seven keys (as well as optional super-useful metal multi-tool and USB drive), prevents scratching and makes none of that annoying jingly noise when you take it in and out of your pocket. It’s a simple and elegant solution to an everyday issue. (MSRP: $71.80, as shown. www.orbitkey.com)


Just because your client is not at home, there’s no reason he needs to disrupt his shaving routine. Rockwell’s compact travel kit contains one of the company’s well-respected 2C razor and a portable synthetic shave brush, all enclosed in a stylish case that fits into any bag or suitcase. (MSRP $80. www.barbersupplies.com)


Some guys are always kids at heart – which means they’re the perfect customer for Tait’s Turbo Flyer balsa model airplane kit. The easy-to-assemble aircraft comes in a sustainable carrying case that reduces wood warping and keeps it safe when not in use. A handcrafted stand in walnut or cherry, which allows the plane to be displayed on a mantle or bookshelf, is sold separately. (MSRP: $18; Stand $10. www.taitdesignco.com)