7 Summer Haircuts That Require Little To No Styling Effort

by MR Magazine Staff

Put down the clippers. There are plenty of good reasons for a DIY buzz cut, but the relentless, sweltering heat of summer isn’t one of them. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be the only reason. We believe that guys should be precise when picking their summer haircuts, even if you’re losing a pint of sweat from your head every day. There are plenty of hairstyles that you can embrace during the warmer months besides the go-to buzz, no matter your hair’s texture, length, or defenselessness against humidity. We spoke with some of our favorite barbers to get the download about the best non-buzz summer haircuts and landed on seven of them—and found out all the tips you need to know to take care of them. Instead of giving in to the heat, ask your barber for one of the the following low-maintenance cuts. They’re all easy to get, easy to style, and easy to maintain. (And they work year round). PS: You can still get a buzz if you want. See more at GQ.