by John Russel Jones

Well, folks, once again April 20th or — as it’s known to the cannabis community  “420” — is upon us once again. What a better time to announce a shoe launch! If, of course, the shoes are made from weed, that is.

This launch is a response to hemp footwear startup 8000Kicks customers’ constant question “Can we smoke the shoes?” The brand decided to take the joke one step further by actually using cannabis flowers instead of the regular hemp fibers it normally uses to produce its unique shoes. The limited-edition WEEDO showcases sustainable materials including cotton and hemp laces, hemp insoles, and a hemp interior. Each shoe is handcrafted with up to 500g of premium CBD weed and takes up to 30 hours to manufacture. To create the shoe, an industrial grinder was used to break the weed flower into small pieces, which were then meticulously stitched onto the shoe. To ensure that the shoe is vegan-friendly and sustainable, a water-based glue was used to secure the materials together.

Of particular interest is the gradual aging process on the shoe, stemming from its utilization of genuine CBD weed. Over time, WEEDOs will develop a brownish hue as the CBD flowers dry up. This feature makes each pair of WEEDOs truly unique and a collector’s item.

“We are excited to partner with 8000Kicks and Nisiseltor Studio to bring this exclusive product to our customers,” said Royal Queen Seeds’ CEO, Shai Ramsahai.

“This limited-edition shoe is a one-of-a-kind product that showcases our commitment to innovation and client demand. We believe that this idea will surprise our customers who are looking for a more eccentric pair,” said Bernardo Carreira, the CEO at 8000Kicks. 

Due to the high cost and labor required to create this masterpiece, only 100 pairs of WEEDOs will be available for purchase, with each pair priced between 1,000€ and 1,500€. These shoes are exclusively available on the 8000Kicks and RQS websites on a first-come, first-served basis. The launch date will be announced soon, but interested customers can register here to ensure they don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of history. Email mail@8000kicks.com, or go to the brand’s Kickstarter page for more information.

No information has been provided by the company about whether wearing the shoes will make you feel insatiably hungry.