by Stephen Garner

2021 marks AG’s 20th year as a leading powerhouse in the denim industry. The premium denim and knitwear house will commemorate the anniversary with a roll-out of several initiatives throughout 2021, set in motion by the launch of its new Ribbed Knit collection—a 20-piece women’s capsule of basic essentials designed and produced in AG’s new knitwear facility. While some initiatives will see the launch of new product categories, additional elements of the campaign center around creative collaborations and experiential activations regarding social and environmental conversations.

Launched in 2001 in Los Angeles, California, AG dominated the premium denim industry by unifying design and production with its vertical integration. The brand quickly found success when it launched its AGed collection—a unique collection of crafted vintage washes to replicate authentic years of wear. AG subsequently added additional collections spanning categories including sportswear, outerwear, accessories, and luggage. Touting a vertical structure, AG has been a leader in progressing manufacturing processes towards a more sustainable future with early and significant investments in ozone technology, laser finishing, solar energy, and most recently water recycling. Today, AG recycles over 100,000 gallons of water per day, with the goal to recycle over 50 million gallons per year.

In 2004, the first retail store emerged in Beverly Hills, CA with SoHo, NY following close behind in 2005. A steady rollout of store openings over the years has the number of AG stores now at 19 locations across additional major markets including Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Dallas.

The brand continues to grow globally through e-commerce and retail by way of fostering relationships with brand loyalists as well as new customers through personalized shopping experiences that will be relayed through retail’s own anniversary initiatives. “Since the launch of the direct-to-consumer in Los Angeles in 2004, the brand has continued to evolve both store count and concept,” said Sid Dey, vice president of retail. “Currently AG owns and operates 19 stores in the United States, and these physical locations have become a destination for customers from all over to experience the breadth of the brand in person.”

The brand is also weighing in on e-commerce, investing in a digital-first approach. “We value e-commerce as not only a revenue channel but also a marketing arm for the brand, allowing us the opportunity to communicate, inspire, and create dialogue with our customers,” added Vutha Cheng, director of e-commerce. “As much as we’re excited about our 20th anniversary, we are just as excited to honor its achievement by continuing to push the boundaries and offer our digital shopper quicker service and unique shopping experiences with this year’s initiatives.”

At the creative helm, AG has announced the return of Samuel Ku as the senior vice president and creative director ensuring the brand has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. “AG was launched in 2001, which feels like an eternity ago,” said Ku. “The brand’s success as one of the most important and relevant denim brands to date is the culmination of many talented and hard-working people. Many brands have come and gone in the last 20 years, but we have so many more great products and initiatives in the pipeline, and we hope to be able to celebrate with you another 20 more wonderful years.”