Aaron Esh’s Clothes Rewrite The Archetypal Masculine Script

Aaron Esh makes clothes for straight men that are ultimately worn by gay men working in fashion. That’s not necessarily a distinction the designer himself would make, but it’s indicative of Esh working beyond his time, encouraging “ordinary” men to swerve outside of their margins with a halter-necked waistcoat or a skirted trouser in sensible, plain-woven wool. “I want to propose a new vision of masculinity,” he says. “Romance, love, and chic.” Most of this is achieved with subtle, off-kilter quirks: a nipped-waist shirt, suit trousers with wraparound sashes, and hoodies that can be cinched against the torso with tie-fastenings. “It’s about taking a luxury wardrobe and placing it in east London, be that on a date night or on your way home from a sesh. How does that boy wear a beautifully tailored suit?,” he says. Read more at Dazed