Abasi rosborough introduces 3-d designed clothing

by Stephen Garner

Last night, NYC menswear brand Abasi Rosborough saw the launch of its 3-D designed 2020 collection in collaboration with CLO Virtual Fashion.

The event took place in New York City with support from Lexus, Squarespace, and Nike, with introductory remarks from Matthieu Lorrain, Google’s global head of creative and augmented reality.

For this collection, Abasi Rosborough is reimagining the way clothing can be designed and delivered through the lens of 3-D design and virtual reality technology, beginning with its signature tailoring.

The 3-D design software being used by the brand is developed by Seoul-based CLO Virtual Fashion and allows the design team to draw, drape, sew, and fit garments in real-time, with 2-D patterns being generated simultaneously. The resulting 3-D garments are exported as images or videos to use in client appointments or via the website, email, and social media. What once took the designers’ months can now be done in days or hours.

This technology gives clients a glimpse into the Abasi Rosborough design studio and allows for a leaner model that takes cues from just-in-time production, eliminates excessive clothing from being made, and minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint by cutting out multiple prototypes, fittings, and photoshoots.

Abasi Rosborough’s first 3-D designs are now available on the brand’s website.


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