by John Russel Jones

ACBC X GEOX is a new capsule collection of men’s and women’s sneakers for Autumn/Winter 2022/23 in certified sustainable materials. The capsule, created in collaboration with ACBC (a B Corp certified Circular Science Company specializing in the creation and production of green footwear) uses innovative sustainable materials that are recycled, bio-based, and animal-free, provided by certified producers selected by the start-up.

GEOX has always invested in research and experimentation to balance style and comfort through thermo-regulation, breathability, and waterproofing. The “GEOX breathes” slogan takes on a new dimension with this introduction, incorporating the value of environmental and social sustainability. 

The two men’s models include contrasting textures, a tumbled-effect base in white or black, and a flowing side detail with a shiny or matt finish in blue, grey or silver. The sole, which is waterproof and breathable, is ReEVA, a compound that reduces the amount of EVA by blending it with recycled post-production rubber. It is also equipped with an insole in recycled foam, composed of 98% post-production waste materials and 2% water-based glue, covered in natural cork. The inner uses ReCotton, obtained from recycled cotton fabrics or production offcuts, while the upper is in FreeBio™, an alternative to animal leather created with recycled materials and natural fillers such as wood fibres and calcium carbonate. These sneakers are supplied with two sets of laces: one 100% recyclable in jute fibre and the other in ReBotilia, a material derived from recycled PET bottles. The packaging is also entirely sustainable, with FSC-certified GEOX boxes and paper shopping bags alongside FSC-certified labels and tissue paper.