Adolfo Licenses Bensol Trousers

by MR Magazine Staff

The Bensol Group, a men’s trousers manufacturer based in New York, has acquired the license to produce trousers for the Adolfo label. Bensol’s sales director in charge of the Adolfo division will be Norman Rosenberg.

This licensing deal will be a different market than the 55-year-old company has historically worked with. The Adolfo trousers will retail in the $39.99-$69.99 range; Bensol’s Linea Naturale line retails for between $125 and $175 per pair.

The Adolfo contract will give Bensol more material to work with, literally: according to Bensol president Steve Rittersporn, they will be making big and tall sizes for Adolfo, a first for the manufacturer.