by Karen Alberg Grossman

Adrian Jules Custom Clothing has moved its world-renowned retail store, owned and operated by the Roberti family for three generations, to 2937 Monroe Avenue in Rochester, New York, across the street from the current showroom. On Thursday, September 9th, the family hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a Movers & Shakers VIP gala, celebrating and thanking the community that has supported the company’s growth.

The new store/showroom honors the heritage of Adrian Jules by providing a world-class experience for customers and offering a bridge to the future via advanced technology, enhanced interactive styling platforms, a wider array of luxury casual clothing (five-pocket jeans, drawstring joggers, softly constructed sportcoats, more outerwear), an expanded lounge area for clients and a special vault to house the most exclusive fabrics in the world.

“This new space is just the next chapter of our story,” says owner Peter E. Roberti. “Based on our growth these past 18 months, we ran out of space. We plan on being here and making new memories, hosting many events, and having a ton of fun for many years to come.”

Adds his son, Peter A. Roberti, “It’s like leaving a house because your family is growing. Despite many good memories, you move to another space so the entire family, i.e. the entire business, can grow.”

Elaborating on the company’s ‘bridge to the future,’ Roberti explains how the business model has evolved from the seller sitting across from the customer with swatch books, to interactive tables with computer screens so the client can create and customize with various fabrics, models, and combinations. “We noticed that time spent in the showroom had increased from 15-20 minutes to 35-45 minutes so we added a cool lounge area with a bar, a big-screen TV, and comfortable seating to encourage hanging out. We’re definitely attracting younger guys who want to be more knowledgeable: they’re not just hanging out but also networking and finding mentors.”

Adrian Jules also has a wholesale operation, based in Irondequoit, New York, that crafts custom suits for better specialty stores across the country. This allows them to project trends based on nationwide performance at retail. Are they worried that a prolonged pandemic and work-from-home environment will ultimately cut into business? Clearly, they are not.

“After a year and a half of COVID, our clients want to dress up now more than ever. They understand that they get what they pay for, that wearing a full-canvas, hand-sewn garment enhances how they feel—about their clothing, and about themselves. They realize that with fewer in-person meetings, each impression must have more impact so they’re opting for better cloths and more exclusive fabrics, (some of which we keep in a vault, which adds to their appeal!) Another factor is that guys getting married later are spending more on wedding attire. We’re growing at a pace that we can’t hire enough help…”

With all their bold new moves, Adrian Jules remains committed to its local community, fundraising for causes including Rochester Fashion Week (supporting the Center for Youth), GiGi’s Playhouse, Annual Dream Big Car Show, and Rochester’s Endless Highway.

Congrats to the Roberti family on their leadership role in a changing market.


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