by John Russel Jones

We know! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and you’ve barely had enough time to steal your kids’ Halloween candy. Like it or not, the big tree went up on the marquee at Radio City yesterday, the winter campaigns are hitting the websites, and HOLIDAY 2022 (all caps) is upon us. To really get yourself in the mood, mix up a peppermint hot chocolate, cue up the Vince Guaraldi and shout out (with my apologies to everyone who doesn’t celebrate) “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!”

Aéropostale is already one step ahead of all of us, unveiling its limited-edition collection with Peanuts. Just in time for the Holidays, the collaboration features fleeces, pajama bottoms, fuzzy socks, and more, all with recognizable Peanuts graphics. The collection is unisex and is available in sizes XS-XL. T-shirts run around $18 retail with sweatpants and shirts closer to $30.

Cue up the Graphic Blandishment, and let’s get rolling: before we know it, we’ll be doing inventory and marking things down for President’s Day.