AG selvage denim capsule
by Stephen Garner
AG selvage denim capsule

AG has launched a selvage denim capsule collection to commemorate 20 years in business. The collection features 20 unique selvages from 12 of the world’s most respected denim mills, representing six countries, each with rich and storied denim histories.

The use of rare selvage denim respectfully pays homage to old-world traditional denim crafting, with different characteristics of each fabric, mill and country revealed through the distinct cottons and traditional weaving techniques. And of course, no selvage would be complete without the signature selvage ID that runs the piping of the outseam, acting as a denim watermark to identify the fabric, and in this case, differing by each mill.

“Denim records and displays the wearer’s story through the unique fades, stains, and tears, but instead of ruining the garment, these marks enhance it,” said Sam Ku, president and creative director at AG. “It’s like a living fabric in that sense, and for twenty years denim has been at the foundation of the brand and indigo in our veins. What better way to honor the fabric than by searching the world for not only the best denim, but the best traditional selvage denim? Over 2 years in the making, this collection is truly exciting for any denim enthusiast, every piece is absolutely beautiful and will only get better with age-worthy investment pieces. The only question is which one do you pick?”

The 32-piece selvage collection includes raw unwashed indigo, softer blue hues complete with destruction, black washes, and natural white, all retailing from $258 to $428.