Amazon Opens Yet Another Retail Store, This Time In Berkeley, CA

by MR Magazine Staff

Halloween’s over, which means retail is in full holiday mode. For Amazon, that also means a couple of new shipping offers and, apparently, the launch of a bunch of new brick-and-mortar locations. In September, the online giant opened a 4-Star Store in New York City, following it up with a Denver location last week. The Verge notes that Amazon’s opening yet another location for its new retail strategy, this time in the East Bay. The Berkeley location follows the same model as its predecessors, only stocking products that have managed to score four stars or higher on the site. Naturally, that list also includes a bunch of Amazon’s own products, including Echo speakers and Fire tablets. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to actually experience some of those products in person — a phenomenon that’s become rarer and rarer in the age of online commerce. The retail stores also afford the company the ability to blur the line between online and in-person sales. Read more at TechCrunch.