Andrisen Morton
by Brian Lipton
Andrisen Morton
Dave Morton and Craig Andrisen

Denver-based men’s specialty store Andrisen Morton has announced today its plan for the next generation of leadership to succeed current co-owners Dave Morton and Craig Andrisen in four years. The two men have been with the company for nearly 39 years.

As time unfolds over the next four years, the store’s ownership will remain the same, with the intent for Andrisen to eventually move into another part of the business.

“This announcement is really a celebration that have we completed our plan to determine the strategic succession of the next generation of ownership and to ensure the brand and store we’ve worked so hard to build will continue,” says Morton. “A lot of businesses struggle to do this well, if at all, which is why we’ve been working on this plan for a couple of years. As for the timeline, we felt that four years was a good amount of time to create a definitive but smart plan, allow both Craig and I to stay actively involved in the business, and to get the second generation of owners ready to take our place.”

Adds Morton: “Both Craig and I are incredibly humbled by the growth of Andrisen Morton, and we have deep respect for those who have made this business successful. We are the best of friends, and we trust each other and this gradual process of succession implicitly.”