Apple Watch Offers Amazon One-Click Shopping

by MR Magazine Staff


Apple Watch isn’t just about accessorizing fashionistas, but letting them purchase fashions on the go–all while talking to their wrist.

Just as developers scrambled to create mobile shopping apps for smart phones, now it’s about apps for the Apple Watch.

Amazon just revealed its shopping app, available on Apple Watch in Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, U.S. and U.K. Designed for the “on-the-go customer,” the shopping app offers voice search and quick tap features including 1-Click Purchase and Save to Wish List. The coolest thing? Saving a spoken shopping idea as a note for later.

“This is still day-one for wearable devices. And we are excited to offer new ways for our customers to get quick glimpses of information they need from Amazon through Apple Watch,” said Paul Cousineau, Amazon’s Director of Mobile Shopping. “There are times when it might not be convenient to get your phone out of your pocket. So we worked to distill the best parts of the Amazon shopping experience into fast and simple access points from your wrist. Customers can use voice search, 1-Click purchasing, and find all of the key pieces of product information they need. We can’t wait to see how our customers respond.”

Watch Guides

Some shopping apps work with various retailers to guide consumers toward items in the store for promotions.

“Some people tend to underestimate the potential impact of Apple Watch,” Christian Gaiser, CEO of coupon app Retale, told Forbes. “This is a total game-changer.” Retale’s location-based deals app points Apple Watch wearers towards special offers in nearby stores.

“When you walk past a Target or a Kohl’s, you’ll get an alert on the watch visually,” said Gaiser. The company is currently testing a vibration alert option.
Meanwhile, QVC will allow consumers to engage with QVC content via real-time updates and notifications within the Apple Watch app, even if they need to complete the purchases on their iPhones later. Initially available in the U.S., U.K. and Germany, QVC for Apple Watch will sync with and extend the functionality of the QVC app for iPhone. By tapping the QVC ‘Q’ logo on their watch screen, customers can see QVC’s ‘Item on Air’ and the Today’s Special Value. Another tap brings up a close-up product shot with pricing and product details.

“As wearables continue to serve as an extension of the mobile and tablet experience, the Apple Watch app demonstrates QVC’s commitment to investing in new technologies that deliver a fun, seamless and intuitive customer experience,” said Alex Miller, senior vice president, digital commerce at QVC.