In Other News: Google Debuts Trend Reports

by William Buckley


Think With Google is a service that provides businesses and individuals with data, analysis and insights gleaned from the way their 1.17 billion users monthly use their services. That’s a lot of data. And while they’ve been largely focused on more broader marketing trends in sectors like the financial, automotive and technology, they are turning their attentions to the fashion industry. As Hiroko Tabuchi reports in The New York Times, “the company [Google]..,plans to start issuing fashion trend reports based on user searches twice a year. The new trend aggregations are part of the company’s bid to become a bigger player in e-commerce and fashion beyond its product search engine or advertising platform.”

Google’s analysis of the stats in the Spring 2015 Google Trend Report are intentionally exclusively skewed towards women’s wear, with sections like ‘Tulle skirts spread in popularity’, and ‘Midi skirts catch on with a little inspiration needed’, it is interesting to note that the top associative search word with ‘jogger pants’ is ‘mens’.


The report, compiled by Google fashion brand strategist Yarden Horwitz and fashion data scientist Olivier Zimmer, is a compilation and analysis of over 6 billion fashion-related queries, and any market sample of 6 billion data points is certainly nothing to scoff at.

With menswear on the up, it is all but inevitable that a menswear report will be short coming. We reached out to Google for comment and have yet to hear back, but we will keep you posted.

The full Times article here.