Roi du Lac
by Karen Alberg Grossman

Special collections, art-inspired and truly original, come along very infrequently so we were delighted to discover Roi du Lac, an Italian collection of men’s and women’s fashion, accessories and home goods based on the unique designs of Marco Kinloch. Founded in 2016 by Marco and his lovely wife Antea Brugnoni Alliata, this exciting collection truly reflects the beauty and passion of Italy, perfectly showcased in their spectacular home in Rome, where dramatic prints prevail (and where their fabulous fall ‘19 lookbook was photographed).

These creative prints, each season a different theme, are based on Marco’s elegant hand painted water colors magically transformed into fashion works of art. Each collection reflects a story from the couple’s global travels, from the countries that have truly touched them. For fall ‘19, the collection journeys through the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent and features all-over prints with animals, maxi flowers and scenic landscapes printed on luxurious silks and velvets as only the Italians know how.

Roi du Lac

As one might guess, the women’s and home collections generate more volume than the men’s but we believe that American men are ready to add some excitement to their wardrobes. Among our favorite pieces: the printed velvet jackets ($1650-$1950 suggested retails), the printed silk shirts and truly fabulous printed silk lounge pants ($395 and a most perfect Father’s Day gift!) For spring 2020, expect to see men’s shorts, swim and beach towels!

In addition to Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman, smart specialty retailers are picking up the collection. Says Jim Foley at Woodbury Men’s Shop Long Island, “Our first shipment just arrived so there’s no sell-through history yet. But I know our customers are going to flip over these designs like we did when we discovered the collection at Pitti Uomo last June. We’re very excited to start showing these pieces of art to our customers. It’s always great to have something fresh and innovative to talk about when starting a new season.”

For more information, contact Jon McKinney, U.S. Director of Men’s: