by Stephen Garner

ASYSTEM is launching its first-ever apparel collection.

Dubbed “Bound Upwards,” the DTC wellness brand tapped Nate Brown (founder of Studio Institute and creative genius behind Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Alexander Wang, and a host of other artists) as its director of art and culture.

Retailing between $14 and $135, the all gendered collection will offer a range of tees, hoodies, and accessories that features bold colors, graphics, and expressions inspired by the power of visualization to drive positive change.

The wellness brand and Studio Institute will donate 10 percent of its merchandise sales to Fair Fight, an organization led by American politician, lawyer, author and voting rights advocate, Stacy Abrams whose mission is “to advocate for free and fair elections, to ensure access to democracy for all.”

From now until the election in November, ASYSTEM and Brown say they will be utilizing their respective platforms to amplify sentiments of ending voter suppression and will be active volunteers and supporting this cause. “Voter suppression is still alive and well in American, and we’re calling on you to join us in the fight to end this systemic injustice that is still actively alive in the United States,” they said in a statement.