Banking on bow ties

by Harry Sheff

At MR, we’ve been buzzing about bow ties for a few seasons now, but this might just be the answer the furnishings industry has been asking for. After a large financial firm in NYC required employees to go back to business attire full-time, (e.g. neckwear is a must) these bankers decided to have a little fun with it and so, “Bow Tie Friday” was born.

How did Bow Tie Friday start?
John: What started as a simple act of civil disobedience has become a lifestyle choice.

Charlie: It started as a joke but now I really do like wearing them. Well, that is, once I figured out how to tie one. And once everyone saw that I knew how to do it I had to tie four last Friday!

Has anyone noticed that you started wearing bow ties? What’s their reaction?
John: Yes, people notice. When walking down the street you get one of two responses: either a smile or a scowl. I enjoy wearing bow ties, although on most occasions I wear a necktie. I have fond recollections of seeing my grandfather cutting the lawn with a tie on and wearing totes over his shoes. I guess that’s why I still wear a sportcoat and leather soled shoes when I fly for pleasure. As for what my wife thinks, well, seeing that she spent a small fortune on ties so I don’t repeat, she considers it one of my more harmless vices.

Charlie: Women like it; men have more of a negative reaction, but everyone seems compelled to say something. My wife shakes her head and thinks it’s funny. But it’s catching on—we started with three guys and now we’re up to seven!

Where do you buy them? How much do you spend?
John: I found this nifty place in Vermont called Beau Ties (no shameless plugs though…). They run between $75 and $125. As for neckties, I really like Ferragamo but have been trying to branch out…

Charli: Brooks Brothers and J. Press. I spend as much as I would for a regular tie, anywhere between $55 and $65.