Barking Irons
by Brian Lipton

Barking IronsNew York-based t-shirt makers Barking Irons will release “SubbaCultcha,” a highly curated new collection of vintage-inspired rock t-shirts bearing iconic artwork from some of the rarest rock tees ever made beginning in March 2017.

The t-shirts, which will honor Lauryn Hill, Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon and Billy Joel, will retail from $110 to $135 on the company’s website, retail stores, and concert venues. They will these iconic prints are authentically cracked, worn and abraded with an expert sense of the weight and feel of the inks, and their fits are modeled after vintage tees of the 1980s and 1990s.

“We wanted to offer people ‘deep cuts’ and the ‘rarest finds’ from some really well-known artists to give that added punch to a classic rock tee,” says designer Daniel Casarella.

Adds Michael Casarella, the co-founder of the brand. “We spent an enormous amount of time studying the effects of plastisol and age.  There is something so special about true 30-year old classic tees that the modern standard of premium ‘soft hand’ printing just cannot come close to — and that’s what we targeted with this collection.”