by Stephen Garner

Belstaff has teamed up with London-based atelier Blackhorse Lane on a new collection of denim.

The collection includes the men’s Union jacket, a classic trucker silhouette, and the Union jean, a mid-rise, straight leg silhouette with a selvedge outside leg seam. The women’s Marilyn jacket takes the trucker silhouette adding a feminine fit, and the Marilyn jean is a high rise, tapered leg silhouette. The unisex Union bag includes a natural herringbone pocket with a natural cotton webbing shoulder strap and zip closure. The collection features copper rivets, co-branded buttons, natural herringbone internal waistbands, and cognac leather patches with dual branding. One of Belstaff’s oldest logos is referenced in this collection with the Bell and Staff graphic, combined with the Blackhorse Lane Atelier’s logo. The jacket and jeans feature a pocket flasher that references a heritage Belstaff swing-tag from the 1950s.

Using only organic cotton and denim woven in Europe, the atelier minimizes the environmental impact of the creation of the raw materials. This collection is all made from 14oz Redline Selvedge denim from ISKO. As the world’s leading denim brand, ISKO’s patented technologies have revolutionized the denim industry. The company uses environmentally friendly processes and production techniques. The denim’s carbon footprint is low as it is milled very close to where it’s grown. It is then produced on shuttle looms from the 1960s, creating the best quality fabric, with this focus on craftsmanship and quality continued by the atelier.

“Belstaff is proud to work with Blackhorse Lane Ateliers in London on an exciting new range of selvedge denim,” said Sean Lehnhardt-Moore, creative director of Belstaff. “Tailoring innovation meets heritage construction with a focus on style, sustainability, and unmatched quality. We too believe their jeans, jackets, and bags are some of the best in class and we are excited about this union.”

“Craftsmanship is the beginning of everything,” added Han Ates, founder of Blackhorse Lane Atelier. “An appreciation for heritage and respect for our communities is something we share with Belstaff. With production having to slow last year during the lockdowns we had to work with a smaller team who took over seven months to carefully produce the collection by hand, something we are very proud of and look forward to continuing our work with Belstaff in the future.”

The collection, which starts at $225, will be available online and in the Belstaff New York store this weekend.