The Best Hand Creams For A Confident Handshake

by MR Magazine Staff

The irony of working in an office is that you never get dirty but you always wash your hands. If you shake hands with a client or eat a muffin from a conference room breakfast platter, you’re probably going to want to wash your hands. Before and after. Take a leak? Gotta wash ’em, even if you didn’t splash. Otherwise, what will your colleagues think? Germaphobia is rank in the sterile, continuously vacuumed environments of corporate America. And probably for good reason. But all that hand-washing will do bad things to your hands. It’ll turn them all dry and desiccated. So you gotta moisturize. Duh. But lots of moisturizers are greasy. That’s why we went out and tested for the best hand creams, salves, and balms for the smoothest (least greasy) handshake possible. Here’s what we found. Read more at GQ.