by Stephen Garner

In the age of COVID-19 brands have found unique and creative ways to keep the way their collections are marketed. Streetwear brands Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) and ICECREAM have done just that for their newest collections.

For summer 2020, the team has combined looks from the BBC and ICECREAM summer collections and commissioned Van Goathe to create a special illustrated lookbook. Taking cues from ‘90s manga nostalgia, the brands took this opportunity to rediscover their roots in Japanese style and pay homage to the classics.

“We had to brainstorm how we wanted to showcase both collections, in a safe way that still grabbed the eye and, in a BBC ICECREAM, bespoke way,” the Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM team tells MR. “The manga comic style is a nod to our Japanese roots and we loved how we could style the animated ‘models’ so seamlessly —not having to worry about size was a blessing!”

According to the team, each drawing accurately depicts each piece in the collection and how they should be worn. The team was also adamant about making sure the details of the collection and the vibrant colors were shown through these images.

Asked if more lookbooks would be done in this way going forward, the team says yes! “We definitely will look into incorporating more tech-forward content and look books like this, especially with our new norm of social distancing and taking health precautions,” they tell us. “BBC is very interested in tech as a brand and internally as a team, so it’s been fun finding new ways to get into it more as a brand.”