by John Russel Jones

Bloomingdale’s today announced that it will open its second “Bloomie’s” store location in the greater Chicagoland area at the end of 2022. Bloomie’s, which opened its first location in Fairfax, Virginia, in 2021, is the retailer’s smaller store concept that provides a casual, contemporary, and highly curated experience.

ABOVE: Photo by Chait Goli for Pexels

Bloomie’s Fairfax, Va., location exterior. Photo courtesy of Bloomingdale’s.
Bloomie’s Fairfax, Va., location, interior. Photo courtesy of Bloomingdale’s.



“We’re excited to be opening our second “Bloomie’s” location,” stated Charles Anderson, Director of Stores, Bloomingdale’s. “The new concept remains authentic to the Bloomingdale’s brand yet reinterprets it on a smaller scale that is infused with energy and ripe for discovery.  We’re looking forward to sharing the “Bloomie’s” experience with our loyal North Shore clientele and new customers alike.”

This 50,000-square-foot Bloomie’s store will open in a new location at Westfield Old Orchard in Skokie, Illinois, and will add a broad and meaningful curation of soft home categories. The existing Bloomingdale’s Old Orchard location will close later this year upon Bloomie’s opening. It will begin clearance on September 6th, remaining committed to providing exceptional service to customers until its closing, which is expected to take place at the end of October.