by Stephen Garner
Darren Hawrish BN3TH
Darren Hawrish

BN3TH has announced that fashion industry veteran Darren Hawrish has joined the men’s underwear company as CEO.

Hawrish brings with him over 25 years of experience in branded casual fashion through brand ownership, licensing, distribution and retail. He was most recently responsible for scaling Native Shoes to a globally recognized brand sold worldwide, where he remains a significant shareholder and director in that business. Prior to Native Shoes he owned and lead the Saxx underwear brand, pioneering the men’s engineered underwear market.

Over the past three decades, Hawrish has owned, distributed or licensed over 29 widely recognized brands, beginning his career with the distribution of No Fear apparel in 1993. Other globally recognized brands include Reef Sandals, Spy Sunglasses, Obey Clothing, Sanuk Footwear, Saxx Underwear, and Native Shoes. During this next chapter, he will maintain his role on the board of directors with Native Shoes.

In his new role with BN3TH, Hawrish will guide the company’s global operations and growth strategy. “We are thrilled to have Darren on our team,” said Dez Price, chief creative officer and co-founder of BN3TH. “He was and still is a huge influence in my life, he mentored me when I first got into this industry and we accomplished a lot of amazing things when working together for over nine years, so it only made sense that when the opportunity presented itself that we would work together again, he brings a wealth of experience which will prove crucial for our planned expansion.”

“I’m very excited about this opportunity to join BN3TH at this stage of the brand’s lifecycle and at the infancy of a global men’s underwear market shift,” added Hawrish. “Men are just beginning to discover a much more comfortable alternative to traditional underwear designs and BN3TH has by far the best comfort innovation the men’s underwear market has ever seen. The evolutionary patented MyPakage Pouch Technology coupled with soft, innovative and socially responsible quality fabrics make BN3TH the smartest and most comfortable option for men.”

Formerly known by the name MyPakage, BN3TH was the first to create underwear with a three-dimensional pouch, and its patented MyPakage Pouch Technology remains the key to its uniquely supportive fit.