Boxing Brand Everlast Steps Into The Designer Fashion Ring With Ports 1961

by MR Magazine Staff

The history of menswear label Ports 1961 dates back to—you guessed it, internet sleuths—1961. But with their newest collaboration, the Canadian fashion house isn’t relying on their own rich heritage to reach a new demographic. Instead, they’re pulling some know-how from the instantly recognizable American boxing brand Everlast. “If you look at the archive and history of Everlast, very famous people like Mohammed Ali were wearing the gloves,” says Ports creative director Milan Vukmirovic. “It’s a very iconic logo and brand.” The collection of eight styles—available today—makes good use of that logo, too, brandishing it proudly across workout essentials like tanks, T-shirts, shorts, and a bomber jacket. Several of the styles come in both black and Ports’ star camo pattern, cribbed from the brand’s mainline collection. Vukmirovic is quick to point out that this is much more than just a co-branded capsule collection meant to wear while stunting around town. “It is definitely done for sports,” he says. “They actually produced the samples with us, using some of the fabric they’ve done. So, it’s definitely made for doing actual, real sports, with our taste, in a fashionable way.” Read more at Complex.