Can Eddie Lampert’s Sears Or Kmart Get What It Needs Most? New Customers

by MR Magazine Staff

In his first interview after emerging from bankruptcy court with what he described as a “clean balance sheet,” Eddie Lampert outlined his “vision” to resurrect Sears from the dead in an article in the Wall Street Journal. Notably missing in the interview was any mention of sister-company Kmart, which with 202 stores has nearly as large a footprint as Sears at 223 stores post-bankruptcy. At the time of its October 2018 bankruptcy filing, Sears Holdings had approximately 700 stores and some 68,000 employees. Going forward it has promised to retain approximately 45,000 employees. In Lampert’s interview, he proved once again he wasn’t much into “the vision thing,” an oft-derided quote from President H.W. Bush. In order to have the vision, you first must open your eyes, and Lampert proved he is operating with blinders on. Read more at Forbes.