by Stephen Garner

Canada Goose has introduced a new platform that aims to unite its sustainability and values-based initiatives.

Called “HUMANATURE,” the platform reinforces the brand’s commitment to keeping the planet cold through its Sustainable Impact Strategy, and people warm by honoring and invigorating communities, prioritizing philanthropic endeavors, and building culture through the arts.

The Canadian outerwear brand first unveiled its Sustainable Impact Strategy in April, which focuses on transforming the way it does business – with sustainability at the forefront while remaining dedicated to its function-first design.

“The role of business has evolved – in today’s world, driving meaningful change is just as important as the bottom line,” said Dani Reiss, president and CEO of Canada Goose. “We are steadfast in our commitment to strengthening our communities, protecting our planet, and working towards a future for generations to come. Since 1957, we have been trusted to protect people from the elements and to keep them warm; now, through HUMANATURE, we are taking warmth to an even deeper societal level.”

Standard Expedition Parka

In January 2021, Canada Goose will debut its most sustainable parka to date, the Standard Expedition Parka. The Standard, inspired by the iconic Expedition Parka, will help set the standard for the future of outerwear at Canada Goose. The Standard is made from recycled and undyed fabrics, lining and interlining, 100 percent responsibly sourced down and reclaimed fur. The Standard Expedition Parka exemplifies the brand’s strategy and commitment to sustainability; the design generates 30 percent less carbon, based on footprint, compared to the in-line Expedition Parka.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our approach is driven by constant improvement – testing, learning, improving – while ensuring we deliver on our commitment to quality and functionality. We innovate for the betterment of our consumers and our planet,” said Woody Blackford, executive vice president of product of Canada Goose. “We’ve turned our commitments into action in under a year. The Standard Expedition Parka is just the beginning for where we will take the brand.”

“Canada Goose is engrained in the global community and the cultural zeitgeist. We celebrate people and artists around the world, spanning continents, mediums, and industries, including filmmakers, designers, and visual artists,” added Penny Brook, CMO of Canada Goose. “Our passion for communities, both outside and within our brand, is strongly represented in HUMANATURE – and further reinforces that it is a mindset and a way of being.”