by Stephen Garner

Queer-owned cult candle brand Boy Smells has launched its first-ever Pride campaign. Its debut effort features some of today’s most notable and vocal celebrity voices in the LGBTQ community, including drag superstar Naomi Smalls, actor and singer Alex Newell, rising R&B star Rileyy Lanez, fashion icon Richie Shazam, and activist Adam Eli in partnership with The Trevor Project.

This celebrity-driven, digitally-native connective experience to illuminate inclusivity and spread light this Pride month. Boy Smells remains steadfast in its solidarity with Black Lives Matter and would like to use their platform to amplify the current conversation by recognizing the roots of Pride in the quest for LGBTQ rights 51 years ago, using their platform as a voice to spread powerful messages around inclusivity, diversity, and gender during June and July.

Boy Smells’ Pride campaign aims to highlight the rich diversity permeating the queer community. The multifaceted, content journey through color and fragrance features top talent personifying a different candle and thoughtful mantra, anchored by Boy Smells’ limited-edition Pride collection benefitting The Trevor Project.

Each of the six ambassadors will embody their own hyper-hued candle from the limited collection to open the conversation about embracing one’s full spectrum identity.

Every week, beginning just yesterday, Boy Smells will host a colorful takeover on its platforms, with each ambassador leading meaningful conversations through social posts, blogs, Q&As, Instagram Lives, digital community events, and more.

Since founding Boy Smells in 2016, owners and real-life partners Matthew Herman and David Kien have made it their mission to revolutionize the gender binary and encourage people to live a full spectrum life without compromise, and hence the idea for this digital color parade to acknowledge the rich diversity permeating the LGBTQ community was born. Even in these difficult and uncertain times, Herman and Kien are committed to using their platforms to illuminate inclusivity and spread light, knowing the immense power brands have in today’s society and how they can mobilize communities and amplify voices for a greater good.