by Stephen Garner
[metaslider id=117300] New York-based accessory company Capelli New York, best known for its women’s and kids eponymous brand, is moving into men’s. For its first foray into men’s, the company is launching two separate brands that will not be made available in mass retailers or the Capelli New York stores.

The first collection, entitled STITH, consist of young men’s hosiery and footwear that will be available for spring 2017 delivery. The hosiery collection consists of six themes ranging from fun, comical, and conservative styles. Retail price points will be between $11 and $15 for one pair of socks, with a 3-pack option to follow in the future. STITH’s new footwear category will contain flip flops and fashion sandals for spring 2017. The brand also plans to expand into more categories –like cold weather accessories – for fall 2017.

Capelli Triple Five Soul

Additionally, Capelli New York has acquired the license to bring back famed streetwear brand Triple Five Soul. The new-and-improved Triple Five Soul accessories collection will feature a clean, modern approach to contemporary streetwear that will be targeted to young men. New items include men’s bags, casual sneakers, caps and socks that will be spread out in three deliveries for spring 2017. (Retail ranges: backpacks $45-$60, totes $ 60-$75, weekenders $99-$125.)

“Some consider Triple Five Soul the godfather of street wear,” says Adam Schmidt, the newly appointed director of men’s at Capelli New York. “It was never urban, nor contemporary, it was just really cool young men’s wear that mixed casual, contemporary, and sophistication with the grungy newly-created streetwear. Most people I explain this to in their 30s get extremely excited and they tell me that they still have a Triple Five Soul hoodie or backpack in their closet. I did work at Triple Five Soul in its hay day over 12 years ago. I know the true DNA behind it, and even hired one of the old creative designers that aligns well with my vision of what a modern Triple Five Soul should look like today.”

To catch the debut of these two brands, be sure to swing by STITH (booth#29158) and Triple Five Soul (booth#28158) at Project Las Vegas next week.