by Stephen Garner


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Corridor founder Dan Snyder found his way into the menswear business via an unlikely day job. Working in the intelligence community during the day and attending tailoring school by night, Snyder fell in love with the craft and started to make shirts for his family and friends. “I never intended to start a business, but more and more people wanted my shirts,” says Snyder.

So what makes Corridor’s shirts, which retail from $150 to $165, so desirable? “The fit of the shirts is what makes them special,” explains Snyder. “We don’t use darts or box pleats. We use our own pattern that we sourced from the 1950s. I found that this one pattern, while the most laborious, fits the best. It has three concave panels so the shirt gets the shape from the back and from the side. It’s more adaptable and fits more body types.”

Corridor is now in about 70 stores all over the world, but Snyder insists on only selling to independent specialty stores, such as Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn, Tradesmen LA in Los Angeles, Rand + Statlerin in San Francisco, and Tanner Goods in Portland.

Moreover, the business has grown to offer pants, overshirts, outerwear, and soft suiting, and more categories are coming for spring/summer 2017. “This season we are partnering up with Victory to produce a special enzyme-washed sneaker that I’m really excited about, and we are also introducing women’s shirting for the first time.

To see more from the brand, be sure to check out Corridor at Project Las Vegas next week.