Celine Launches Candle Collection

Celine’s first journey into fragrance was in 2019 with the launch of its perfume collection, a range of scents made for day and evening wear that drew inspiration from Slimane’s own diaries. Like the perfumes before it, Celine’s eight new candles will be both an expression of Slimane’s personal history and an ode to the grand traditions of French perfumery, a legacy that the brand defines as couturier parfumeur. The eight candles in the range will feature familiar scents from Celine’s fragrance collection, such as Nightclubbing, which smells of nicotine and ‘the nape of a neck fragrant with vanilla’, as well as new fragrances, like Palimpsest, a blend of gallica rose, pear, ivy and moss, and Grands Lys, an intriguing combination of pimento, ylang-ylang, and heliotrope. Read more at Wallpaper.