by Christopher Blomquist

Chip Foster, who co-founded the denim line Chip & Pepper Jeans with his twin brother Pepper in 1987 and catapulted it to become a major name during the heyday of the premium denim craze in the early 2000s, unveiled his latest fashion venture today, a direct-to-consumer 100 percent cotton line of tees, hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts called Lake of the Woods Club. 

The unisex collection’s aesthetic is inspired by Foster’s childhood days spent lakeside and the Canada-based company produces all its garments in Los Angeles. 

“Creating a brand that meant something to me personally became most important. The brand represents my youth and the manufacturing is done in LA, my home – the best in the world when it comes to apparel production,” said Foster. “With this collection, I’m striving to connect with people on a level beyond what most apparel brands achieve: A meaningful relationship where loyalty is everything.”

The items, which feature logo graphics, come in solid colors or tie-dye, the latter being a signature of the Chip & Pepper brand. The first limited edition group is priced at $42 to $144 and is currently sold exclusively at