Claymore Shop Reopens In Birmingham With New Ownership Promising Same Charm, Service

Kurtis Williams spent the last few months eager to reopen Birmingham’s Claymore Shop. Now that the shop is back, he said it still doesn’t feel like reality. “It definitely feels like a dream,” Williams said. “And by that it doesn’t feel real. It still feels kind of wild that we’re here finally. But it’s definitely been exciting.” After closing for more than three months ago, the longtime menswear shop at 908 S. Adams reopened with new ownership. While there are some small changes, Williams — who began working at the store about seven years ago — insists the shop will keep the same charm and detailed service as it has since it first opened 55 years ago. The new owner, who took over several months ago after the shop closed Christmas Eve, said there was some talk of delaying a reopen until later this year. But he did not want to keep longtime customers waiting that long. Read more at Hometown Life.