Collini milano pays tribute to italian treasures in new campaign

by Stephen Garner

Collini Milano has released a new campaign celebrating Italian treasures amid a bleak year of devastation due to Coronavirus.

“Thanks to human adaptability, the unimaginable can be faced, managed, and overcome,” said Carmine Rotondaro, owner of Collini Milano. “After all, this is the real lesson of the Coronavirus: human beings are able to reinvent themselves and not to stop even in the most difficult situations.”

Despite the fact that the fashion industry is undoubtedly one of the most damaged by the pandemic, the industry is reacting with an unexpected and sudden reorganization of the system, as proved in the past weeks by the strategic decisions taken by some prestigious brands.

“I believe that the secret of those who will bring the fashion world back to success lies in our values, traditions, and our innate love of beauty,” added Rotondaro, recounting his vision for the new Collini campaign called A Love Declaration.  “We almost gave in, for a moment, to the temptation to believe that only trends dictated by the moment are at the base of the backbone of our companies and, above all, of our ambitions. Then came the COVID-19 that forced us to face reality.”

Collini’s “A Love Declaration” brings to the surface an emotional need to rediscover the Italian treasures, its architecture, the wonderful cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice. Without forgetting Syracuse, Bologna, Trieste, and the Emerald Coast.

The campaign creates a marriage between the most iconic pieces of the brand’s collection and the stunning Italian architecture and does so by focusing on the rebellious and passionate spirit that makes the Maison so ready for the new Renaissance.


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