by Stephen Garner

Exploring new ways of looking at contemporary culture through a fashion lens, London-based fashion brand COS undertakes a new direction for the autumn/winter 2021 season.

Material innovation is revisited throughout the collection, from sustainable sourcing to recycled and repurposed fibers, COS is devoted to its ongoing commitment to sustainability and crafting a circular collection.

The season’s color palette explores tonal dressing; fresh neutrals are paired with rich, autumnal shades. Winter whites, camel, and stone are lifted by vibrant yellows and royal, dusty, and light blue hues. Heritage prints are reinvented for the season with a fresh take on checks, stripes, and houndstooth.

Relaxed, layered styles and oversized fits feature throughout womenswear this season. A retro influence instigates enlarged collars and lapels, rounded sleeves, and geometric prints, while 1990s minimalism inspires slimmer proportions, tailoring, and pinstripes. Hand-stitched reinforcements, adjustable new fits, and contrast bindings further enhance the collection while tactile fabrics remain prominent. Knitwear is formed of heavily weighted yarns with statement necklines, and responsibly sourced mohair is introduced.

Within menswear, a laidback and effortless approach to the season endures. Referencing streetwear and utilitarian styling, meticulous construction and intrinsic details take center stage; zips and seams are exposed, playing with design expectations. Statement surface textures and material choices remain integral and are pared back against essentials and denim. Inspired by 1970s-style graphic jacquard, landscapes, and earthy textures, the season’s statement knits are reworked using modern techniques and sustainably sourced materials.

A curated collection of accessories focused on proportions and materials, elevates the ready-to-wear wardrobe. Versatility in styling continues as a yellow faux fur clutch, leather gloves, scarves, and hooded hybrids inject bursts of color into the collection. Binding high fashion with relaxed everyday dressing, footwear showcases an assortment of styles, including chunky brogues and high shaft boots – an elevated take on modern classics.

Photos by Jack Davison