Dad bod? Here’s How To Dress This Fall

As an international style icon and beloved fashion deity, I usually spend my cool September evenings googling hot men’s fashion trends, so I’ll be up to date on what most of my friends won’t be wearing this season.

Unlike all those fashion bloggers who insist you HAVE to go out and buy all the stuff that they just got for free, I’m happy to nudge you in other directions.

I do this because financial experts say we should only spend about five percent of our monthly budgets on clothes and many of you spend way more.

I also do this because, in the past, whenever I have purchased some trendy, pricey item of frivolous “must-have” apparel, I have either: 1. Worn it only once. 2. Worn it only twice. 3. Never worn it at all and still wonder why I bought it. 4. Forgot all about it, until opening my car trunk three years later and gasping, “Where the hell did this come from?” Read more at NorthJersey.