David beckham’s latest pitch: men’s cosmetics

by MR Magazine Staff

Men of the world, David Beckham has a message for you: Moisturize. “It’s the biggest thing,” he says in a London warehouse-turned-nightclub where he’s launching a grooming brand, House 99, in partnership with L’Oréal SA. The soccer superstar has long tapped his appeal both as a skilled midfielder and as a style icon with trendsetting hairdos to win endorsement deals from the likes of Adidas AG and Giorgio Armani SpA. In the L’Oréal venture, Beckham will pitch face creams, beard oil, and pomades designed to help buyers nail his slickbacks and pompadours. While men in the past might have balked at using, say, a $26 eye-brightening balm, “now it’s so accepted,” he says. “The majority of guys I know do look after themselves.” Read more at Bloomberg.