“Deinfluencing” Takes Off On TikTok—But Will The Trend Change Anything?

TikTok influencers? That’s so 2022.

Three months into the new year, one of the biggest trends to emerge on social media juggernaut TikTok is “deinfluencing.” Its hashtag on the platform has now attracted a whopping 426 million views and counting—that massive figure represents a steady increase in the term’s hundreds of millions of views since it surfaced at the beginning of this year.

But what is it? Now, instead of using their channels on the social video platform to shill for specific brands, influencers are now telling their followers not to buy or use products, giving negative reviews to some that they have used or they’re dropping in the #deinfluencing hashtag as a way to create awareness around overconsumption.  Read more at Los Angeles