Department Stores Still Need To Hone Omnichannel Approach

by MR Magazine Staff

The number of department stores displaying a real-time inventory has quadrupled since 2013, according a new report by L2. The increase exemplifies the heavy investment that department stores are making in omnichannel to compete with Amazon, Net-A-Porter and other pure players. Although retailers are making advances on various fronts, a number of obstacles in both technology and implementation are impeding true omnichannel experiences. “The key benefit of omnichannel retail is to merge all platforms and create one all-encompassing channel (online and in-store), giving shoppers the option to discover, consider and convert interchangeably,” said Garett Levy, research analyst at L2. “Brands may not have achieved this state yet, but some brands are getting closer.” “Retail Innovations: Omnichannel” examines the omnichannel practices of 58 department stores in comparison to online-only retailers. Read more at Luxury Daily.