by Society Picks

SOCIETY PICKS is a weekly profile of some of the brands that will be
making their debut at the
SOCIETY for International Menswear trade fair
Sunday, July 17th, and Monday, July 18th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC

Desoto Is a truly European brand, best known for amazing quality jersey shirts, the fabrics are produced in Germany, finished by a production partner in Austria, and then assembled at an exclusive facility in North Macedonia. What is most important to them is creating a work environment in which everyone can be comfortable and continue working in the future, because they know the happier their employees are, the better their products are. Desoto supports the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in terms of human rights, labor law, environmental protection, and ethical business practices. Their goal is to reconcile economic, ecological, and social responsibility in a sustainable way.

As a responsible partner Desoto regularly identifies and assesses operational environmental risks, taking the necessary measures to protect soil, air, and water. The prerequisite is to minimize negative impacts and improve environmental performance in the product lifecycle that they can influence. The use of raw materials and auxiliary materials that are harmful to health and the environment are regularly controlled by their production partners. Since 2020 they have been a member of the Better Cotton Initiative or BCI. BCI farmers minimize the harmful impact of crop protection processes by encouraging water efficiency, ensuring soil health, improving biodiversity and responsible land use, maintaining and preserving fiber quality, and promoting decent work. This all helps make the Desoto difference.

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