by Society Picks

SOCIETY PICKS is a weekly profile of some of the brands that will be
making their debut at the
SOCIETY for International Menswear trade fair
Sunday, July 17th, and Monday, July 18th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC

When sourcing the world’s best cashmere, NAADAM goes straight to the source, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. They work directly with herders to obtain high-quality, sustainable, and unbelievably soft knitwear at fair prices for them and the consumer. NAADAM was founded in 2013 by Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus, the college friends traveled to remote parts of Mongolia, befriended the local herders, and saw first-hand how traditional cashmere traders and brokers drive up prices by taking a cut of the profits. By removing these middlemen, Matt and Diederik realized they could pay the herders more while selling premium-quality cashmere for less, and as you can imagine sustainable and ethical business practices have been a part of NAADAM since day one.

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