by Stephen Garner

Diesel has launched a new omnichannel operating model designed to significantly upgrade the company’s digital retail operations while offering its global customers an entirely seamless experience.

Called “Moon,” this 360-degree omnichannel system was the answer to the denim brand’s need to strategically own, manage, and map its digital evolution. E-commerce accounted for 12 percent of Diesel’s business in 2019, but the revenue stream is driving double-digit growth figures year-on-year.

“The escalation and spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behavior patterns, some of which will remain permanent,” the brand said in a statement. “Omnichannel experience has quickly become omnipresent; new methods of engagement between businesses and consumers are here to stay. To stay on the leading edge of this new paradigm, brands and retailers must invest further time and resources in setting specific goals when it comes to customer interactions.”

From start to finish, Moon took 13 months to finalize—multiple times faster than anticipated, given the pressure to quickly adapt under COVID-19. For consumers, shopping options are unlimited, in that all of Diesel’s current global stock will be integrated and buyable through this model. Shopping itself becomes frictionless: increased service levels, easy returns in-store, same-day pickup in all stores, same-day delivery in key cities, pre-ordering, and more are all available.

The platform also features full control of Diesel’s order management system (the company’s OMS partner is Manhattan Associates); enhanced logistics operations; widened payment methods; universal stock fluidity (between warehouses and stores) and omnichannel client services. The newly integrated B2B and B2C logistics model guarantees best-in-class customer relations practices, and the broadened flexibility of inventory displayed between locations will exponentially increase product visibility. New emerging payment methods (including Wallets and Buy Now, Pay Later) will be accepted, and client services will be expanded, including complete assimilation of social media care.

In March and April of 2020, Diesel quietly assumed 100 percent control of its web operations (prior, parts had been outsourced). The company believes not in digitizing the practice of retail. Rather, it fosters retailing in a digital world, where the customer is always at the center of the experience, no matter where they are shopping or engaging with the brand.