by Stephen Garner

Diesel will launch its newest sustainability initiative, Diesel Library, just in time for the spring/summer 2022 season.

Diesel Library, which takes a genderless design approach, represents a new strategy for Diesel’s core category – denim. Going forward, the library will offer a wide range of evergreen and longer-lasting denim items (including trousers, jackets, tops, skirts, and more) on a made-to-stay basis, with 50 percent of the overall denim collection having a permanent shelf life.

With Diesel Library, the Italian fashion brand reinforces its commitment to innovation and the exploration of new production techniques to create desirable, durable, and quality denim items. As a result, Diesel Library will introduce essential pieces conceived to outlive trends and last for years on end; a “total look” will form the anchorage of this evergreen line. These items will be made using fibers, washes, and treatments that have been selected based on efficient and responsible resource uses.

For all Diesel Library items, fabrics will feature low impact materials, such as organic and recycled fibers; treatments will be performed with innovative techniques that significantly reduce the use of water and chemicals; leather patches will be chrome-free tanned; metal buttons will have no-galvanized treatments; inner labels will be made with recycled materials; and cellulosic trims, including hangtags and patches, will be realized in FSC certified materials.

All the above features will be traced and communicated through a QR Code printed onto the hangtag attached to each Diesel Library piece. In this way, each garment will be equipped with a digital passport that guarantees customers access to a dedicated web page where they can learn more about all the responsible attributes of each specific item.

Ultimately, Diesel Library also marks a shift in how the brand will produce its denim collections moving into the future. Everything will be created under this banner, moving away from the 5-pocket delineation between men and women. In this, a new personality, and new branding attributes, will be established.

A sneak peek of the first Diesel Library collection will be seen during Glenn Martens’ premiere show in June 2021. The garments will be available in selected Diesel stores around the world, on diesel.com, and in the best multi-brand stores in the world starting from November 2021.