by Stephen Garner

Maison Valentino has launched the new One Stud sneaker style for men, presented for the first time in the luxury brand’s fall ‘21 collection.

The sneakers come in two versions: low-top and mid-top and are available in different color combinations such as white on white, black on white, and red on white. The signature studs are, in addition, molded on the heel and outsole of the shoe, marking the footsteps of who wears them.

The nappa leather maxi quilting and the studs, enlarged in a macro version, characteristic of the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud family, are reproduced on these ultimate kicks of the season. The studs, that multiply and expand on the collection’s accessories, here become one.

To introduce this new style, a special campaign features a 3-D video, with a touch of old-school graphics, where the pieces that compose the sneakers appear fluctuating on the screen. As the final image of the footwear gradually comes together, different voices alternate in the background repeating the name “One Stud, Only One.”

Valentino has also teamed up with Snapchat for the launch to develop a special AR Lens that will enable users to virtually try the new Valentino Garavani One Stud sneakers. To virtually try them on, open Snapchat’s camera and scan the Snapcode (or click on the link) to engage with the AR experience and wear the new sneaker. While in the Snapchat app, users can purchase the sneakers through a link that directs them to

The shoe try-on feature, launched last year by Snapchat, employs machine learning technology that allows users to try on multiple pairs of shoes at the same time.